Together with 15 interaction design students we designed and developed the portfolio machine THE CLOUD. The installation was open for public access in GRAZ, Austria in the esc medien kunst labor. The user can  select one subject area out of Communication-, Sound-, Media or Interaction Design by grabbing the cloud physically. After that, a LED rain showers down to a touchscreen construction, that resembles a water puddle. In the water a selection of students was presented. The user can then select a student and see a portfolio page, which his/her highlighted projects.
I devoloped the React app that was displayed in the touchscreen, and organized the dev unit of 4-5 people. I developed a solution with THREE.js to showcase an interactive 3D water simulation, that the user can manipulate by touching.
As the term in the winter of 2021 was strongly effected by the pandemic situation, we settled to resemble that by creating "The Cloud" that manages and displays the students content. Different to the digital abstract cloud, we wanted this cloud to feel haptic and wanted the user to physically touch the cloud and interact with the water.
• Developed a React app that was displayed on a touchscreen construction and served as the development lead of a unit of 4-5 developers
• Implemented an interactive 3D water simulation using THREE.js, allowing users to manipulate the simulation through touch
• Collaborated with 15 interaction design students to design and develop the portfolio machine

Other Work

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