The SOCIAL LEARNING COMPANION project is an innovative and adaptive system that aims to enhance the success of students by integrating them into groups that are tailored to their abilities, interests, and personalities. The grouping is based on scientifically validated findings and forms groups according to the goal of group work, whether it be maximum effectiveness or maximum creativity.
The AI companion learns which group constellations work best for the intended goal, and continuously improves itself. The app can be used to form learning and working groups not only during lectures but also outside of them, with a large database of get-to-know-you games that can be added as a first interaction.
The project is built on the foundation of security and transparency, with an open-source platform that clearly displays the data used to make decisions. Funded by the new federal funding guidelines for the promotion of AI in higher education, the project also networks with partners to bundle competencies and makes scalable implementation possible.
The ultimate goal of the project is to enable students to experience cooperation, diversity, and innovation through the app. This aligns with the guidelines of the UAS and is an innovative approach to enhance the success of students in group work.
• Successfully implemented a Design-Thinking process to design a workflow for incorporating AI into a social e-learning app, that ensures transparency and security in the decision-making process
• Designed the brand identity, user interface and build an animated prototype using Figma for user testing
• Used Adobe Illustrator for Illustrations

Other Work

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