I designed and developed an inclusive media guide web-app called "RUNDGANG". Using the design-thinking method, I created multiple iterations of the app and tested them with user groups who have different disabilities such as blindness, deafness, and mental challenges. I also designed the corporate identity and needed print materials for marking spots in cultural institutions. The goal of the project was to help cultural institutions make their content accessible and individualized for a diverse audience. The app offers a sign-language, an easy-language and a default tour. Each comes with a different main color (pink, green or blue) to communicate a visual representation, that guides the users in the cultural institution.
We developed the app as a Web-App to smoothen the access and enable a low-threshold BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach. We used Javascript, Node.js and Vue.js for development. Following the accessibility web-guide-lines we tried to make sure, that each user could use their standardized settings safed in their phone. For example, the user can use dark- or light-mode and can change the font size, just as they like. Else the app will read the auto-settings an apply them, to give the user a sense of familarity and ease the user experience.
The app is scheduled to be launched in 2023 with the Minister of Culture of Schleswig-Holstein.

Other Work

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