This project aims to create an application that supports the creative process by allowing designers to generate ideas while moving in natural spaces. The concept is based on the idea that a stimulating environment can promote creativity, whereas monotonous environments such as a home office can hinder it. The application, called "Design Walk," is intended to be a low-threshold and inspiring tool that allows for free-flowing thought processes and the creation of new connections and ideas. The core element of the application is an activity called "Inspiration Walk" where users can collect objects, or inspirations, on a certain topic as they move through space.
The app has two phases: "Inspiration Walk" and "Inspiration Backpack." In the "Inspiration Walk" phase, the user can collect beats of inspirations that pop up every 5-15 meters in front of them in their walking direction. When the user wants to review their inspirations, they can open the "Inspiration Backpack," the second phase of the app, where they can organize the inspirations in a spherical structure, move and modify them as they like. Also, they can set a used inspiration as the new root inspiration. This is the core loop of the app.
• Designed a completely new and innovative user experience of an ideation workflow that encourages physical activity
• Developed the application using Unity for the HoloLens 2 in C#
• Conducted user testing and analyzed feedback to summarize potential challenges and future implications
• Implemented a two-phase system for idea generation and organization, including "Inspiration Walk" and "Inspiration Backpack"
• Incorporated natural gesture control for sorting and modifying ideas in a three-dimensional spherical structure
• Addressed limitations of traditional creative work environments and provided a solution to support the creative process and generate long-term economic growth, particularly in the context of remote working.

Other Work

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