"Deepfake Detective" is an innovative application that raises awareness about deepfakes. Using virtual reality technology, the application takes the form of a game in which school children complete a training program to sharpen their perception and ability to spot suspicious video content. The VR experience is integrated into an interactive workshop, which is designed to be an extracurricular learning experience for pupils. The workshop uses a variety of methods to educate students about the impact of deepfakes on our society and how to handle manipulated or original content. The goal of the workshop is to create a space for reflection, clarification and to empower individuals to take action.
As the lead of the design & development unit and product manager, my responsibilities included designing the game mechanics and overall workshop structure, leading the team in the development process, and managing communication with project partners. We developed the VR app in Unreal and the deepfakes with DeepFaceLab. For the workshop we partnered with OKSH, FLEET7 and UXMA. Together we created a three hour long workshop, that exists of multiple stops, that each try to incentize the pupils to think about the topic of artifical intelligence, deep-learning systems and deepfake applications in different (good/bad) ways.
After designing, developing and refining the VR experience in 2022, the workshop is now available in 2023 and had its first two events this January. We were overwhelmed by the success and the positive feedback by the kids. We are very proud of our achievement, to offer an e-learning application and workshop that targets an important topic while giving the students access to experience new media such as virtual reality.

To celebrate the initiation and funding of the project, the Head of the State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein  Dirk Schrödter visited us in our Co-Working-Space FLEET7 in 2022. We talked about how we can open up the access of new technologies to more people in Schleswig-Holstein.
In January 2023 we had our first three hour workshop that included the VR Experience with multiple stations about Deepfakes and Fake-News technology.

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