In Beat The Dome, up to four visitors have to stay in rythmn with the dome.  To do this, they have to use their controllers at the right moment to match the soundtrack. The interaction pattern is similar to the well-known games "Guitar Hero" or "Beat Saber". In the course of the module "Interactive Fulldome Programming" the game was created with the help of a team of five students within one semester. From the soundtrack and graphics to the 3D models, everything was produced independently. The programming was implemented in the fulldome software Digistar 6 and Javascript.
"The "Beat The Dome" project was a new approach to the interactive use of our media dome. Under the project leadership of Colin Kavanagh, a team of students created an interactive application that depends on the participants' sense of rhythm. Everyone must pay attention to the "beat" of their instrument and hit the falling asteroids in time. From the design of the graphics, to the music, to the programming of the javascript for the fulldome system, the students have demonstrated their high level of competence and teamwork. The result can be seen, heard and experienced!"
- Markus Schack, Head of Media Dome of University of Applied Sciences Kiel

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